Optophysiology: Grant Application

Client: Dr. Jean-Francois Masson and Caroline Peyrot, Université de Montréal, 2020

About this project

The goal of Dr. Masson was to present his research in a contest looking to fund technological innovation. Optophysiology is a new area of research looking to implement lasers and spectroscopy to better diagnose and treat neurological disorders and cancers. The client wanted simple illustrations that helped to understand the underlying principles of the technology at a glance. We wanted to avoid the use of words and let the images speak for themselves. We equally wanted to highlight the technological aspects of their work.

1. Sketches

And initial contact

I started by developing preliminary sketches making sure to fully understand the complex subject matter. I asked Dr. Masson questions about the technical aspects of the project so that I could focus on the most important points to illustrate. The first sketches were done quickly to get feedback and to make sure the topic was understood correctly. Several sketches were produced with different audiences in mind ranging from general public to expert audiences.

2. Final sketches

And choice by the client

Once the details of the sketches were confirmed, I moved on to illustrating them in colour. A darker shade was preferred so as to highlight the use of the laser in the technique being presented. I chose to use neon coloured contour lines to also remind of the laser. This was intended to bring out the technological and innovative aspects of the work. Finally, I drew the humans without facial expression so that the eye was drawn more to the technical concepts of the work rather than to the characters.

3. Final rendering

And corrections

Once the coloured sketches were approved by the client, I began working on the final version of the piece only having to make small corrections afterwards. All the work was done in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and therefore it is easy to edit at each stage.

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