The illustrator

I’m Audrey Desaulniers, the illustrator behind Orcéine. A biologist by training, I have always loved observing nature from both a scientific and artistic point of view! I have been passionate about both the arts and sciences since I was young and have always carried with me a desire to combine both of these passions in my own way. After finishing my studies in biology, I realized my brain was overflowing with too much imagination to spend my time in a laboratory. So I decided to take a break from science and branch out by starting a degree in illustration all the while promising to return to my other passion later… As you can now see, I was able to half keep that promise to myself, and I am now very happy to have started down this beautiful, rich, and varied path of scientific illustration. 

Experience in brief
Bachelor’s of Science, Biology,
Université Laval (2011-2014)
Certification in visual arts, UQÀM (2015-2016)
Technical degree, Illustration, Dawson College (2016-2019)
Scientific educator, Biodome and Montreal Botanical Gardens (2015-2020)

Audrey Desaulniers
Scientific illustrator
Montreal, Québec, Canada

How does it all work?

First of all, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any and all questions! In general, producing illustrations follows the following steps:

1. Initial contact with the client (in person or through video call) to understand their needs and ideas for the project.
2. A free quote for the project will then be provided to the client.
3. Sketches of the project will be sent to the client along with the choice of different compositions if desired.
4. After the initial sketch is approved, any corrections or changes that are desired by the client will be made until they are satisfied.
5. The project will then be realized in full detail
6. Any final corrections can then be made before delivery of the finished project and billing. 

Let's work together!