Scientific illustration and 2D animation

4 services examples, for research laboratories, universities, businesses, museums and other scientific organizations.

Illustrated with the example of orcein.

1. Schematics

and infographics

Whether you are looking to communicate with the general public or publish in scientific journals, Orceine creates schematics and infographics tailored to any audience. Are you a researcher? Working with a scientific illustrator will help you to save valuable time, gain visibility, and communicate even the most complex science at just a glance!

Example uses: Visual abstracts, scientific figures, scientific artwork, grants, contests, textbooks, teaching aids, posters, magazines, advertisements for businesses and scientific startups, etc.

Fig 1. Orcein (english of orcéine), is a pigment molecule derived from lichen, an organism formed through the symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae. 

2. Comics

For scientific popularization and outreach

Whether it is for comics, or other infographics used to communicate with the general public, Orcéine combines their experience in illustration and communication to create educational and information rich stories.

Example uses: general public communication, science symposium, popular science, science outreach, social media, awareness campaign, magazine, etc.

Fig 2.Excerpt from a comic explaining the biological and cultural history of Orcein. You can see more in my portfolio.

3. Museal

Educative and creative illustrations

Are you a museum in need of educational illustrations to improve your exhibits? Or are you looking to explain concepts through the use of games? Orcéine has extensive experience in public education and can help you to create the visual aids you need to communicate your information in unique ways. 

Example uses: Educational or interactive games, museum documents and exhibitions, teaching supports, etc.

Fig 3. Example coming soon.

4. 2D animation

Videoclip - motion design

In partnership with the animator from Design Medias, Orcéine, produces 2D scientific animations. Whether it is for medical animation, communication with the general public, or for something artistic and fun, Orcéine can bring any of your projects to life. 

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